Agendus 9.0

Iambic released Agendus 9.0 today and it continues to be offered in two flavors – Pro and Standard. As a long time user I decided to give it a try once again to see if I really did want to give up full Meg of storage for a Calendar / Todo / Contact / SMS / Memo Application. The short answer is that I still don’t want to.

Agendus is a sophisticated application that enables cross linking of functions which is a great advantage to most Palm users. I was very happy with it through a few Palm devices and though I would like it on my Treo as well having installed the previous version as well. Version 9 adds more sophistication (and size) but does not in my opinion work so well on the Treo which makes it hard to give up such precious memory for little advantage.

The Pro version includes Agendus Mail / SMS which is not something I want to use, but you have no way to not install that component. (I did notice after install and expansion of the app, you can delete the Agendus Mail component as well as Tiny Sheet) I wanted to try the wireless options for both the weather and Quotes of the Day, but neither would update for me which is pretty annoying. I also found myself looking at a waiting message a lot as Agendus thought about what to do next in between trying to update or switching views. This kills the speed and simplicity I’ve come to expect from the Palm platform and especially on my Treo which actually has a robust UI designed to take advantage of the platform (5-way and keyboard).

One final nit I have is that my email application of choice – ChatterEmail is not supported as a helper so I am unable to enable that aspect of things to email from a contact or view messages waiting from the Today screen. Agendus is still a nice looking application — if you have a device with the space and power to manage all that it offers you might like it.

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  1. I haven’t used Agendus before, but thought I’d give it a shot. My problem is it’s sheer girth. It takes up a great deal of space as well as responds very (and I mean VERY) slowly on my 600. I didn’t get a chance to see any real value it could bring since I couldn’t get past the performance hit. Perhaps on a 650 this isn’t as much of a problem, but on my wee 600 (ha!) it matters.

  2. Exactly! I don’t know why a calendar / contact app requires so much juice… that takes away from the practical nature of needing to quickly reference something.

    For now, I am sticking with 2Day with the 4Cast plugin.

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