PalmSource going Linux

Mobile Pipeline reports that PalmSource is going Linux! There are still no devices running OS6 (powered by Be) so it should be interesting to see when this actually hits the market.

Palm OS developer PalmSource said Wednesday that it will create a Linux version of the Palm OS.

The company announced it is acquiring China MobileSoft Limited (CMS), which has been developing a version of the Linux operating system for mobile devices. In a statement, PalmSource said the acquisition indicates the direction in which it is moving.

“This is the next stage in our growth and a major milestone for the mobile phone industry,” PalmSource CEO David Nagel said in a statement. “We plan to offer the ease-of-use and flexibility that Palm OS is known for to all mobile phones. We believe the combination of PalmSource, CMS and Linux gives us the technological and market critical mass to compete with even the biggest proprietary operating system companies.”

PalmSource said in its statement that it “plans to implement Palm OS on top of Linux, bringing the benefits of Palm OS to the Linux community.” It said it will continue to offer its two versions of the Palm OS — version 5.x, known as Garnet, and version 6.x, known as Cobalt. [Mobile Pipeline]

The news directly from PalmSource is available here

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