PalmSource’s Paradigm Shift

Andrew wrote a great post today on the PalmSource move to linux. A recommended read for all. We’ve talked about the announcement the past few days and I have to say I agree with this commentary. PalmSource will certainly gain from the move – opening doors that would have previously remained closed. Time will tell for sure, but it look like the future will be an exciting one!

Without a doubt, one of the most important benefits of PalmSource’s decision to put the PalmOS on top of a Linux kernel is that it will have removed one of the single largest barriers to adoption of its software and its quest to see the PalmOS adopted by the widest number of licensees to power an even wider array of handheld devices. The barrier in question is the complete paranoia on the part of many manufacturers to ‘lock’ themselves to a proprietary operating system. By choosing Linux, a ‘free’ open source operating system, there is no doubt that PalmSource’s appeal will increase significantly among existing and prospective licensees particularly since many of them have already invested and experimented with Linux powered devices. [Treonauts]

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