T-Mobile’s Pain

Nice thought piece by Jesse Kopelman at The Broadband daily on what T-Mobile might consider doing now that they are officially a sitant last in the major wireless game. Hard to argue the logic here… just a matter of how much pride needs to be swallowed in order to move on some of the ideas he suggests.

Unlike Sprint PCS, their daddy doesn’t need them to succeed (and may feel like disowning them about now). Unlike Nextel, they don’t have the high-margin customers everyone lusts for nor do they have the management team that routinely makes fools out of the industry, pundits, and FCC. Most importantly, Unlike Cingular and Verizon Wireless they don’t have 40 million customers paying to upgrade their network. To make matters worse, their data network is circa 2001 and they are a long way from being able to do any Verizon-like bragging about the quality of their voice network. [The Broadband Daily]

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