Bring it on!

Michael Gartenberg ay Jupiter says January is going to be an interesting time with exciting products and new technologies… I say Bring it On! I am always ready for new cool stuff!

Just wrapped up another fascinating call. I’m still in thinking mode about the implications of what was discussed. The first few weeks in January are going to be very interesting. 2005 is shaping up to be a year of interesting products, relationships and technologies. Some of this stuff (if executed properly from a marketing and messaging perspective) is going to be amazing. You heard it here first 🙂 [Michael Gartenberg]

2 Replies to “Bring it on!”

  1. In the year of 2005, some exciting and interesting ‘stuff’ will happen with products and technologies, many of them to be introduced at a huge electronics show in January! You heard the incredibly obvious and overgeneralized statement here first! Make sure when you hear about amazing stuff, you credit Michael Gartenberg.

    Yeah, I’m being snotty here, but isn’t that pretty much what the post says?

  2. Well – I hear you on the generalized stuff… and thanks I appreciate the sarcasm.

    I know he’s behind the scenes regularly with some serious players and if he’s had some early looks and is excited than I am hopeful it will be good for us too.

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