iPod beats MyFi

Cnet takes the MyFi, XM’s portable player for a spin and gives it a pretty healthy smack-down. Sounds like XM’s naming strategy – stations like Fred and Ethel – are not as easy to get as Sirius’ choices like Purejazz and Chill. I’d still eventually like to see a portable Sirius player he says less than a week into usage. So far I totally dig it. I’ve had the radio going all day basically on the Chill station but with some Jazz (both Purejazz andd Standards) thrown in for good measure.

Back to the review for a sec… it is hard to beat your own personal taste with the radio compared to what you might find on your iPod’s playlists but the right programming can easily keep you happy.

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  1. Sirius and XM have both announced portable players that are similar to the iPod in that they play mp3 files, but they also record sattelite radio programming too. They seem pretty neat, but I’m waiting for a combination MyFi and neXus unit before I purchase any sort of portable player from Sirius or XM.

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