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In light of yesterday’s post about the XM MyFI, the portable player and today’s announcement from Napster with unlimited downloading (via DRM of course – courtesy of the new MS Janus system)…

What if Sirius subscribers got access to digital downloads within iTunes as a subscription bonus – or actually paid for an additional tier of service. You could pretty easily match the station playlists to downloadable “albums” iTunes would host and sync right to an iPod.

I had my first in-car Sirius experience courtesy of Hertz and loved it. I did not miss my iPod (the shame!) and enjoyed surfing the stations as my moods changed. I’d love to see a program my iPod service that would enable bulk downloading to iPod for the times and places you can’t get Sirius (non-car based commuters), instead of buying a portable player if they even come out with one! Sirius is kind enough to include a streaming service to computer which I’ve been checking out when my wife wants to watch TV instead of listen to the music.

Think about Podcasting… you could directly extend the metaphor for the talk shows as well and time shift away quite easily. I’d think the content is being archived and served rather than played by CD… just another point of access for subscribers. Make it even easier for me to like you and extend my relationship with the company.

Hey Sirius…if you are actually reading this, I’d love to work with/for you. I’m local. 😉

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