Archos PMA430

Engadget has some nice pics and info on the Archos Pocket Media Assistant PMA430, which used to be known as the AV500 In addition to info we already knew, like it can manage and play your photos, videos and runs on Linux, it now seems can also play host via USB to peripherals or receive photos directly even from a camera. It uses USB 2.0 and has WiFi (802.11b) which makes transferring larger files easy and seems like an excellent device. I like how it has a built in leather (perhaps pleather) flip to protect the screen.

In checking the Archos site I’ve discovered that there is an internal TV tuner which allows you to record directly to MPEG4. Very tasty. You can get about 4 hours of video playback and up to 9.5 hours for music. Both Mac and Windows are supported.

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