Motorola’s iTunes Phone

Engadget scores a picture from the Motorola Keynote at CES which showed off the first of quite a few iTunes capable phones coming this year. This looks like a very nice form factor and will allegedly use a similar interface to the iPod Photo which so photos, and pictures will most likely sync through in the same manner as an iTunes connected device.

While I personally like the idea of this phone and could consider something like this as a second device (maybe for my wife) this particular phone is not for me. While the masses don’t want tightly converged devices, I do. The thought of going back a step to carry a second device for email and other Palm related activities is not going to work for me. Looks like the headphone jack is on the top… no word yet on whether it will be a 2.5mm jack or whether standard headphones will be easily supported. I’d bet that if this is a 2.55mm jack that a variety of new accessories to support this and other pending phones will soon arrive benefiting those of us on the Treo and other similar units.

Let the year of the MP3 phone begin…

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