Verizon and Yahoo Team Up

Yahoo!’s got it going on these days…

Today they announce a deal with Verizon to be another high speed portal option for Verizon DSL customers. An interesting play by Verizon considering they are not canceling their current deal with MSN. The NYT article also mentions Yahoo is working on content for SBC’s pending IP TV service as well as their mobile phone service. Sean Alexander recently pointed out what Yahoo! is doing for Media Center as well…

In the multiyear deal, Verizon’s 3.3 million broadband customers will be able to use the co-branded portal at no additional charge. Yahoo will receive an undisclosed share of Verizon’s broadband subscription fees, and Verizon will get a share of the advertising revenue generated by the portal.

The Yahoo venture comes on top of a similar arrangement Verizon has with MSN, the Microsoft portal.

When the Yahoo portal is introduced this summer, Verizon customers will be offered a choice of Verizon, Yahoo or MSN portal as their home page.

The arrangement is a less ambitious version of the venture Yahoo has had with SBC Communications since September 2002. In that deal, SBC invested $300 million in Yahoo.

SBC and Yahoo are also expanding their partnership. Yahoo is now designing portals for SBC’s IP television service and mobile phone service. This will let customers use one ID and password on a variety of electronic devices [NYT]

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  1. Når Yahoo portal er indført her i sommer, Verizon kunder vil blive tilbudt et valg af Verizon, Yahoo eller MSN-portalen som deres startside.

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