Treo 650 GSM a Secret?

In what has to be one of the more idiotic PR moves of current times, palmOne requested that Andrew at Treonauts remove the pictures of the GSM Treo 650 he was able to test out earlier in the week.

We’re very sad that we are no longer able to bring you (huge understatement) the first exclusive pictures…  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened but palmOne politely requested that we pull the images and I agreed to oblige…  Hopefully we’ll resolve this soon and thus continue to pictorially report on what a terrific smartphone the Treo 650 GSM is. [Treonauts]

I absolutely don’t get this one. It’s not like the device is a secret…. the only thing we don’t know is when it’s coming, not if. Why go to the trouble to do this palmOne? Should we not be interested in seeing or purchasing your products?

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  1. I HATE my TREO 650 because i dont even get the internet with my plan! what tha hell is the point of havin this BOMB ass phone when you cant even use it to its FULL extent.

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