Synfonic – mobile info via SMS

Synfonic is a cool service I’ve just stumbled on which enables some handy info via SMS. After you configure your free account and setup your preferences you can easily get 411, Movies, Weather, Sports, Traffic (Bay Area only for now) and Stock info all with a simple SMS message. A great feature is the ability to define shortcuts which let you either shorten the text for a key word or even a location. The web site (easily viewable via mobile as well) maintains a list of recent queries which might be handy when you get back to your computer or if you accidentally delete an return SMS you wanted to save.

The service is free and only adds a brand plug (for them not an external ad) to cite the source of your returned info. The only issue I’ve had is with the weather service which has yet to recognize my zip code for either weather or forecast commands.

Here’s a helpful tip for Treo users…. Because the Messaging client threads your discussions like a chat, you don’t have to initiate a fresh request if you save your previous messages. Simply hit reply and type in your next request. It saves a few seconds, which might not be critical for you but certainly is nice regardless.

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