PSP Launch Reporting

I find it fascinating that I keep reading mixed reports about the PSP’s launch. Since Sony planned for 1 Million units and only sold 600,000 it is being reported as less than stellar. This is just wacky in my opinion. If you spend anytime browsing the web, you’ll find a few devices available, fewer games and even fewer accessories like memory sticks of reasonable capacity (there are literally no 1GB sticks available).


There is virtually nothing to buy on the hardware side in the places I’ve been. The shot above was taken last weekend at the Sony Store on Madison Ave. Software is completely limited and only seems to be a few titles, people were less than interested in grabbing at the get go. The popular titles are being sold primarily through mail-order now rather than direct sale, since stock has not been replenished…

These are all signs of success in my book. The interesting piece though, at least for me is how many PSPs I’ve spotted in the wilds… none!! I have not seen anyone playing or watching anything in parks or on the subway. There is a continuous parade of iPods, but so far no PSPs visibly being utilized. They are clearly out there, based on everyone having sold out… just being used more privately I suppose.

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