Sony Ericsson Movie Screen Ads?

Sony Ericsson said it is committing about 75% of its North American media budget to ads in movie theaters. []

I have no idea why a brand like Sony Ericsson would want to commit such a large quantity of their media budget to a place that does not allow the use of their technology. Sure movie audiences are captive (no way to fast forward through an ad) but commercials in theaters are the ultimate insult in my book.

A movie costs over $10 AND you get the honor of watching a commercial (not just the annoying slide show of local business ads with some movie trivia thrown in for good measure)?? Imagine if Sony was able to use some of their pseudo corporate synergy and help defray the cost of your ticket for movies their studios release… that would certainly make the pre-movie commercial more palatable. I’d be willing to bet it would make the brand more favorable to consumers as well.

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