Front Row running on MY Mac mini!

So as soon as I read the info and watched the video in my last post I could not help but think how I could get it going myself… well – it took all of 5 minutes to find the link and begin my download adventure.

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Front Row kicks ass!  Even in the limited hack version that’s out, it is a far superior way to travel through content than in my experience with MCE.  Seriously.  Things move quickly and it really is quite simple.  I know you don’t have TV and quite a few other features, but who cares.  I can get where I want without any fuss and it works (or will if we had the release version rather than a hack).

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In the few minutes I’ve played with this, I’ve noticed one interesting thing.  The iApps need to be running.  Mine were not initially and it took a bit for my initial load to happen in iPhoto (5868 photos) and iTunes (21,501 tracks).  At first I thought it was a large library issue, but when I dropped back to the desktop I noticed both apps were running when they had not been previously.

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I would gladly pay money for this application today.  There’s no reason why it can’t be sold as a package with either a USB IR Remote or with a Bluetooth remote for those with capable machines.

What a cool start… this could (and I am sure will) get very interesting in the near future.  The mini is a nice platform, but it’s actually quite a bit underpowered compared to what Intel will be able to deliver in a similar form factor for Apple in 2006. 

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  1. Ok, so its some time since someone posted hear, so I am posting, We all who have old macs want this feature, I having multiple macs want my mini to be in the tv room, to play my movies and music. with a remote, I went to the last guys web page and its not working…..mark brook that is, the torrent site is the other link, good instructions , but its an old version, I just had a buddy buy a new intel power book and i got the front row off the install disk… now I am going to try it out on my power book , old g4, but I have 10.3.9, not ready to upgrade just yet, but my mac mini has 10.4 on it. so when i get home in 2 weaks i will try it. i will let you all know if it works and were you can get this install i have … anyone else have some help, please feel free…

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