Simultaneously Releasing Movies

The idea of a movie being available on DVD or VOD the same day it’s released in a theater is very attractive to me.  There have been plenty of times in the past few years when I was not able to get to a movie for whatever reason and have simply waited for Netflix or my cable VOD service to get access…

With a simultaneous release (even at a higher price for non-theater viewing) I’d be able to enjoy the same film, on my terms.  This is a great addition to the Home Theater experience, or the HTPC experience if delivered over IP.

Clearly the plans being developed by Mark Cuban, Morgan Freeman’s Clickstar and now the Independent Film Channel are cause for some controversy:

In an interview before his speech, Shyamalan said he planned to ask theater owners at ShowEast’s Final Night Banquet and Award Ceremony “for zero tolerance on this — to say, ‘If you’re gonna release a movie in another medium, then you’re not going to get into our theaters’ — because at the end of the day, they hold all the cards.”

Shyamalan: Day-and-date ‘life or death to me’

I really hope it does not come to this and that perhaps as a consession, the DVD release is pushed.  On-Demand though would really make things considerably more available.  Please charge more money…I’d definitely pay for the convenience.

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