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One of the things I’ve been looking for since I started using the N91 was a location manager and this seems to fit the bill EXACTLY as I would like to see. According to the release (quoted below), you can easily connect based on location or even application to the network type of your preference. This not only skips the what type of network question every online app asks, but it makes mobility that much more practical and easier for the average user.

I have yet to try this as my N91 is in a state of hurt at the moment, but I am very much looking forward to trying it out anyway. The demo is good for 30 days and then the price is 30 Euro for a year subscription. N and E Series devices are supported.

Birdstep has created a hosted roaming service allowing Nokia E-Series users to enjoy seamless mobile connectivity across Wireless LAN and GSM/GPRS/UMTS networks, independent of operator or subscription type. The SmartRoaming Client ensures secure and automatic network identification, user authentication and continuous network connection without application downtime or the user needing to know what network is available, how to connect or worrying about security risks. Through setting SmartRoaming profiles the enterprise or individual user can define network preferences based on policies that make sense for work efficiency and cost management.

With the help of the SmartRoaming service and the Birdstep SmartRoaming Client you can browse the Internet, send and receive email or access your net bank securely and easily, wherever you are. Your network connection may be provided by your home Wireless LAN, a secure wireless LAN at your place of work, a GPRS operator service while traveling or a wireless hot-spot in an airport, coffee shop, and hotel or conference area. As a SmartRoaming user, however, you won’t need to know or care how your device is connected: the SmartRoaming service will take care of it all for you. The client on your device always chooses the best connection for you and ensures that your applications stay connected.

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