Presence is key

There are two interesting things breaking this weekend on the mobile presence scene…

Twittr is from Odeo / Blogger and lets you set up a simple group on SMS.  It’s actually very slick especially given how simple it is. You just text your message to the universal short code – 40404 – and everyone in your social space gets the update.  You can choose to share your messages on the public homepage (I’ve opted out) or not. There’s some simple lingo that lets you ping or track a friend as well as control the level of messaging you receive.

Jaiku is another app that lets you socialize your contact list on Series 60 second edition devices like the Nokia N70.  I realize that’s a limited set compared to Twittr which lets you send to anyone regardless of carrier or phone type, but it’s a very interesting way to guage outside of the usual IM space what’s happening with people of interest.  I’ve added my status to the blog sidebar for a bit of “flare.” I like how it tracks the cell towers and lets you give the zone you are in a name like home for example.  It did pick up my city which is cool as I am in a small westchester suburb currently… My status page is here.

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