Nokia E61 VOIP via Gizmo

One of the very cool things about the Nokia E61 is that right out of the box it can handle SIP VOIP calls. Setting this up was surprisingly easy, though manual in nature. To start, you’ll need a SIP phone number which fortunately for Gizmo Project users is already ready for you …Here’s how to get it done:

1. First find your SIP phone number

2. Then follow these excellent directions from the Project Gizmo support forum.

You will need to replace the XXXXXXX with your actual SIP number. I was pretty dense about things at first myself, but if you enter that you’ll then be able to get the Internet calling option rocking on the E61.

I am pretty sure that NAT causes an issue with older firmware on the E61 but it seems to work for me just fine with the latest update.

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