ReaderMini Rocks Google Reader On The Go

I find myself doing quite a bit of feed reading and email on mobile devices (I’m sure your shocked to hear) and have been working around the limits of the Google Reader Mobile edition. In short it’s pretty lame. You can’t easily read through rivers of your tags for starters and I’m constantly loading up full pages in the Google mobile proxy which is not what I want with no way to turn it off. The desktop version is really quite excellent, but it’s just much too complex a page to work on the N770’s Opera browser…

John Tokash took it upon himself to remedy the severely limited mobile edition of Google Reader and has replicated a very close desktop experience for the mobile browser in ReaderMini. It works very well over both EDGE data and WiFi and has really enabled a very slick experience without limits. John’s been putting in some late nights, taking all my feedback (gotta love that) and released quite a few updates in very short order. There are a few todo’s still active for the 1.0 release (currently at .9) and it seems he’s already scoped out the 2.0 release. You can track it all via his blog.

I’ve tried this on my phones and the official release is still ideal for those instances as the screen size is too small for a wide reading verion — the tablet however, is perfect for ReaderMini.

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