Nokia N800 – ReaderMini

In my initial post about ReaderMini, I only described the experience. Now you can see it in action and (hopefully) appreciate how good the experience really is on the Nokia Internet Tablet. Personally, I find it to be very close to the way I read feeds on desktop, which is amazing considering it’s happening on a pretty small handheld device.

Since the initial launch, ReaderMini has continued to actively evolve through user feedback for both bugs and improvements. The roadmap is looks strong and I believe this will continue to be a killer app for the Internet Tablet. If you use Google Reader on the desktop, you need to be using ReaderMini on the Nokia.

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11 Replies to “Nokia N800 – ReaderMini”

  1. You have a nice blog here. Could you please ask to syndicate it?

    One thing remained unclear from the video: can show a list of articles from all the feeds in one list (what is also known as the “river of news” style)?

  2. Bad news: I quit MyBlogLog. I joined Technorati instead. At my age (I’m pushing 50) I like to keep the widgets and gizmos to a minimum. The next web community that I’ll probably join is ComicSpace. Because I’m something resembling a cartoonist.

    Good news: I haven’t explored the n800 nearly as much as you have… I look forward to having a video conference with you eventually. I’d like to do it while sitting in front of the California Museum of Photography in beautiful downtown Riverside, California–they’ve got free wi-fi throughout downtown.

  3. I like to keep the gizmos to the max! A video chat would be cool – have yet to actually do that with the N800. The tablet is the perfect muni-wifi or campus device. You can just leave it active (it is always on) and get notified of new email and IM messages.

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