GrandCentral Gets Some Big Press

Andy notes David Pogues latest tech piece and video (in spoof act now style) on GrandCentral which is one of the coolest voice 2.0 companies I’ve run across.
In case you’ve missed what GrandCentral is or how it works… here’s the basic gist.

  • Sign up for a free new phone number.
  • Give it to everyone you know…
  • Set up GrandCentral with your other phone numbers (work, home, mobile(s), Skype, Gizmo, Truphone, etc…)
  • Upload your contacts into your account (you can export from basically any existing database)
  • When you get a call on your GrandCentral line, you can choose to screen the call, pass it to voicemail, listen while someone leaves a message, block the caller and of course answer the call (on any of the phones you’ve added)
  • One of the more amazing features is that when you are on a call, you can transfer a call to another phone with a simple press of a button.
  • On the GrandCentral site, your call log gives you the capability to set up groups (Family, Work etc…), see location info, download and listen to voicemails and even set up some rules (like how callerID is handled) for callers.

My ONLY fault with GrandCentral is that I don’t use it enough. I have a better cellphone number than my GrandCentral number, though I would imagine that in the near-future, we’ll be able to port numbers into the system.

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3 Replies to “GrandCentral Gets Some Big Press”

  1. I don’t see this service working well outside single-person households. In a household with more than one resident, a call to one person may be picked up by another person at home before the intended recipient can answer his mobile phone. Add in similar scenarios for work numbers, etc. and you see my point…..

  2. You can schedule the home number and when it gets called… I’m sure there will be other rules as well.

    I don’t disagree though. I like it for myself. My wife likes that she can miss calls at home or choose to leave her cell off (or uncharged). If you like being reached or simply have a lot of numbers, it can be a great simplifier.

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