MyStrands Mobile

Whoa – This looks super slick…

I wonder if MyStrands (or any other apps) can take advantage of the N95’s media keys which could seriously integrate it into your experience on the device.

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9 Replies to “MyStrands Mobile”

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  3. Woah, that phones a beast!

    Have you tried comparing MyStrands to The Filter? Interested in how the two compare.

  4. I´ve just tested The Filter in my N73, and there is nothing to compare.
    Social Player is much better for me, and will be for a long time…

  5. I just received a link to the Filter and will have to check it out — certainly looks cool. I’ve only used a previous version of MyStrands and not for Symbian.

    I’d love it all in one – player, streamer, recommender and socially connected.

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