EyeTV 2.4 FINALLY controls your set top box!

I received an email from Elgato yesterday and was very excited to see that there’s native support built in finally for set top box control! You still need an external device to handle the IR, but if you happen to have either the ZephIR or iRed system running you can now effortlessly change the channels on your cable or sat box to record any channel you want.

EyeTV Cable Box Config

Previously this took a considerable amount of effort with a third party software tool like iEye Captain, which I have to confess I really had a heck of a time mastering and neevr really did get it working right. Without an proper control, you were limited to recording analog cable and non-premium channels. Now though, I can record anything from the Sopranos on HBO to 24 on Fox and know that my EyeTV 200 can even have things waiting in iTunes for my iPod or (pending) AppleTV. I can even remotely set up a schedule (which you could always do previously as well) with TitanTV.

This rocks!

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5 Replies to “EyeTV 2.4 FINALLY controls your set top box!”

  1. I was well excited by this recent update, but then I find that it only supports American set-top boxes!! I guess the UK ones will be supported in time – please keep us posted as to how well it works.

  2. So far so good, James! Sorry it does not yet work outside of the US… it only took ~4 years to get this support. Hopefully they’ll expand it soon. Must be an IR code thing, though I don’t know why it would not work for you.

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