Netvibes via Widets

via Nokia Press Release

The Netvibes Ecosystem’s entire collection of 85,000+ feeds includes recently announced content from major media outlets including CBS, CNN Money, Entertainment Weekly,, InStyle,, Newsweek, People, Real Simple, Sports Illustrated, Time, USA Today, and Netvibes Ecosystem also hosts official content for many celebrity partners including 50 Cent, Ben Harper, G-Unit, Ice Cube, Mandy Moore, Moby, and Snoop Dogg. As a leading provider of user-generated feeds, the Netvibes Ecosystem comprises a large collection of entertainment, lifestyle, news, sports, and television feeds.

I think Widsets is either something you love and use all the time or something you choose to ignore. I’ve been in the ignore camp, as I have more than a few ways to get my data on the go. I still find this interesting however as this is still a cool way to mobilize content — especially if you use a personal Netvibes page.

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