The Most Connected N-Series?

Our Symbian-Guru has a thoughful post comparing the N95, N75 and N73 to determine which is the most connected device. It’s an interesting question and his perspective is something I share as well.

Our collective conclusion is that the N73 is hard to beat. You can use it and I mean really use it for a full day or longer – tethered with the N800, voice calling, bluetooth GPS – the works and still count on it to be ready to support you into the evening. While I’ve yet to try the N75, it sounds like it has a similar issue battery-wise as the N95, which is to say that the more intense you use it, the less time you have to get things done.

While it may be logical when you consider that the more you task the device (CPU and Battery) the shorter amount of time you get, but this does not really apply to the N73. I used it as my fulltime phone for about 6 months and never had to wonder whether it would continue to press on. The N95 is MUCH more powerful than the previous devices in the N-Series line. It’s got a great CPU (the same I believe that the N800 and E90 have) a pretty good amount of memory (could use more actually) and can of course do it all – from “DVD quality” video, 5MP Photos, VOIP, WLAN, GPS etc etc … When you use it all though it can be tough to get into the afternoon, let alone the evening.

Initially, I held this “weak” battery against the N95, but lately I’ve come around a bit. You see it’s not normal usage to use every function in a given day or even all at once. Sure you can, and sometimes you do, but not all the time. I’ve been finding that the N95 has more than enough juice for what I want in a daily round of use and though I have chargers at my desk and in the car, don’t feel quite as cautious as I did with the N80. In my view, the N95 is the ultimate device. There are definite improvements I want – software glitches for example – but in 9/10 cases it meets the demands of a regular day. The speed the N95 offers (easily cruising through 2000 contacts) is a pleasure over the N73 and the additional features make it something I’ve been very glad is with me all the time.

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