Google Gears for Webkit — Let’s get it going on S60!

While it’s not even possible to run Google Gears on Safari for OSX since it’s not in the release version, we should collectively be thinking about how to get this into S60 devices which also use the Webkit engine in the browser. I’m sure Apple will be figuring out a way to get it into the iPhone.

With a bit of development time, and a firmware update and we should be able to activate offline browsing and other tricks on our multimedia computers… While we are on the topic, I’d really like to see this implemented on the Linux end for the N800 as well within Minimo or perhaps even the rumored Firefox for Nokia Tablets I’ve heard some rumblings about.

From the official Google Blog

Have you heard about Google Gears? It’s an extension to your favorite web browser and a new open source project from Google. It adds support for local data storage and helps web application developers manage resources so you can make your web application work offline. It is currently available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh platforms and you can learn more at I got a chance to work on this product for WebKit, which is the render engine Safari is based on, and we’re happy to announce that the source code is available to all Mac developers today.

Since Google Gears is leveraging the latest technology from WebKit, it is currently not compatible with the shipping versions of Safari (Mac OS X 10.4.x and 419.x). So, if you want to play with Google Gears for WebKit, you’ll have to download a recent WebKit build from

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