Nokia Media Transfer is very cool…

So this morning I’ve actually had a chance to play with the Nokia Media Transfer application I mentioned yesterday.

Once you’ve set your preferences (which you do on launch and can adjust through the menu bar item) your phone simply connects and begins it’s sync process when it connects to your computer.

Nokia Media Transfer Settings

I chose USB, but you can also do Bluetooth if you prefer. I figured go for the faster transfer system since I’ll be moving large photos, videos and music. All you do to get things rolling is connect your device and select the PC-Suite profile. Otherwise it works pretty much in the same manner as an iPod – it just works.


One nice feature is that you can choose to transfer or sync your pictures. This allows you to keep every phone picture on your phone as well as your computer. There’s a manual option to remove files which have been transferred from your device as well to conserve space. All in all, this is a very well thought out NATIVE Mac app from Nokia. My only feature request is to add support for Aperture which is the tool I use for Photo management.

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