Gizmo updated on N95

I just updated the Gizmo client on my N95 (actually updated on my N800 as well) and have to say it’s very slick. You can add contacts from AIM and MSN with a coming soon on Jabber, Yahoo and iChat. I love that it’s integrated with my phonebook which means I only have to open my contacts and slide to the right one click to see who’s online with my various IM services. You can then chat or make a call to any of these contacts.

Gizmo seems to run in the background which is nice so it’s “just on” once you’ve established which networks (cellular and wifi) you want it to use…

Here’s a quick round-up in Screenshots:

Main Screen - SIP enabled

Contacts on N95 ... Gizmo is on the Right SideMain Gizmo Screen

Adding IM ServicesContact Actions

Contact Detail OptionsGizmo Activities ...

Gizmo Version 1.0

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