AT&T selling live video-calling

At&T Video Share looks like a cool service (video call streaming finally!) though you have to have one of three phones that support the service… ah the walled garden. Too bad there’s no mention of either the iPhone (oh right no 3G!) or any of the Nokia N-Series – the N75 does support 3G with ATT and would seem capable enough. There’s no mention of which devices will be added, but that more are coming. You’ll be able to share to other screens which is a nice bonus and certainly makes sense from a family perspective. Sharing the kid’s experiences to grandparent etc…

I’m not crazy about either the monthly or ala cart pricing plans. This should just be part of someone’s unlimited data package since it is just data after all.

The service, called AT&T Video Share, will enable people to send live, one-way video feeds during phone conversations, the top U.S. phone company announced at the NXTcomm telecommunications conference in Chicago.

People can, for example, talk to a friend or a spouse while sending live video of something they are considering buying or an event they are attending.

The service is now available on AT&T’s 3G wireless service in Atlanta, Dallas and San Antonio, and will be expanded in late July throughout its next-generation network, the company said.

AT&T said this is another step toward combining communications tools. It will eventually offer video-sharing technology on various devices.

While AT&T has recently begun offering bundles with video, phone and Internet, such combinations have mostly been about sending customers a single bill rather than making the different services work together.

“Ultimately, services such as Video Share will be accessible over any of the three primary screens that customers use most frequently: the wireless device, the PC and the television,” the company said in a statement.

Video Share will cost $4.99 a month for 25 minutes of video share use, or $9.99 a month for 60 minutes, AT&T said. A “pay as you go” option will be priced at 35 cents a minute.


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