8 Random Things

Ok so I’ve been tagged … first from Ricky and now by Marc.

  • My professional background is in Direct Marketing though I’ve been focused primarily on integrating interactive ideas into campaign strategy. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time within large holding company agencies and understand the full view. I am actively considering new career paths and am considering agency and client side technology / web 2.0 opportunities as well as (for me) less traditional options like consulting or trying to get more into tech journalism (TV or online video).
  • I’m hooked on social software tools. I’m actively using Jaiku, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Last.FM… less actively using Pownce and Dopplr. My preference is for services that make it easy to continue participation from my mobile and use both mobile sites and applications (when possible) to stay connected. This tends to make my wife a tad nutty… but it’s been a valuable experience so far.
  • I’m a former All American swimmer. In college I swam distance Freestyle, IM and sprint backstroke. A few of my records still stand.
  • Sadly, I have not done much working out since college. We did recently pick up some exercise equipment for the house and I’m trying… need to get back on the horse!
  • I’m a certified open water diver.
  • I’ve been married to my wife Ashley for over 7 6 years and have two beautiful daughters Hannah (3.5) and Campbell (11 months). We live in our first house in Katonah NY which is in Northern Westchester, about 45 miles from NYC.
  • I feel like I was much more of a music geek before tech took over…. I used to want to record music as an electronic musician but never went for it. It’s hardly too late to start, but priorities are currently on other things. I did used to play tenor saxophone in high school, but that seems like ages ago. Today I listen to a lot of electronica, jazz and classic rock.
  • This blog has existed in various forms since 2002. I’ve used Radio, Grey Matter, Blogger, Typepad, Moveable Type and WordPress. Google Reader reports I have 781 subscriptions. Over the last 30 days I’ve read 14,134 items and starred 73 items which you can see on my sidebar.

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  1. I love your 8 things. First of all, I’m so impressed that your swim records still stand. You and Dan Glass! Secondly, we’ve been married for over 6 years, not seven. I guess it feels longer than it is.

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