iPhone Walkthrough

I shot some video today of the iPhone and wanted to begin to compare things to the Nokia’s I’ve got as well. This is mainly the iPhone with a few phyiscal comparisons to the N95 and the N800. I’ll dive deeper into specific features and applications in future pieces.

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15 Replies to “iPhone Walkthrough”

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  2. Thanks Jonathan, that was superb. I was surprised at just how fast everything is on the iPhone – it makes my Mac look slow!

  3. No its not the only device that Syncs computer bookmarks with phone bookmarks. Winmobile devices do that and my N95 does that via activesync and pc suite respectively.

  4. Do Windows and PC Suite sync ALL your bookmarks or just a subset? I have everything from my desktop browser available (including bookmarklets) in the iPhone.

    I don’t use PC Suite for the Nokia devices so I can’t see for myself…

  5. Great videos, have you thought about offering them through your podcast feed?

  6. Thanks – Actually have some deeper video ideas floating around and yes I would bring all this stuff forward… probably topical feeds with one for all as well.

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