Google Maps: iPhone vs. Nokia N95

After the initial walkthrough, I thought it would be interesting to compare specific features and applications between my iPhone and the N95 and N800… We’ll start with Google Maps.

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  3. Wouldn’t it have been a little bit more fair to review the Maps application in the N95 compared to GoogleMaps in the iPhone? Side by side comparisons of GoogleMaps makes the N95 look terrible and the same comparison could’ve been done on any phone that supports Java with an EDGE connection. When considering which to buy, the overall mapping capabilities such as the built-in GPS receiver in the N95 are more important to me at least.

  4. In the interest of fairness you should
    1. turn up the brightness on the N95(it goes much brighter than that)
    2. turn off the powersaving functions

    Iphone would still win hands down, as long as you have edge reception.

  5. Alister – I’m pretty sure I had done that at one point, but perhaps after my firmware flash it was not set at the highest screen brightness with powersaving off as well.

    Either way the iPhone wins in my book for Google Maps. Bookmarks and Address Book Integration are excellent as are the step by step directions and the listing of results. The N95 gets the job done nicely with Gmaps, but has the added advantage of the Nokia Maps app which can take advantage of GPS and do point to point navigation.

  6. Hey, both these phones are for different segments according to me. I mean the n95 is usually bought for it’s features by people who understand computers and modding. People who have n95’s usually mod and customise them heavily and have(2have) an indepth idea of softwares and computers. Also the styling is way off.

    The i-phone on the other hand is aimed at the cool dudes out there. These people don’t need a 5mp camera( cuz they’re not photographers?) nor the gps(not going trekking!) nor the dual slide…which is a waste of time and very clumsy too being full of bugs.

    But in the end ibouht myself a n95 :D..
    i’ve posted sum things bout it in my blog .. do come sumtime and we’l cotinue this debate mayb…

  7. I agree – the N95 is only OK.

    The iPhone has the HANDS DOWN sickest interface ever, y0 – and this is coming from an Apple hater! (F-you Apple, FTW)

  8. Como es que tengo un enlace desde esta pagina ? si no la conosco de todas maneras gracias

  9. I can see that Apple and Google worked hard to get Google Maps working well on the iPhone. It is a wonder to use.

    Some points should be mentioned (as some have been) that seem to be left out. If you know where you are, you know what is there. Meaning, I don’t need maps or numbers to pizza places where I live–I know them.

    What I need is a mapping application where I don’t know where things are–that is where the GPS works well. The iPhone does not do that even as it lets you flow easier on the unit (zooming using screen vs. using keyboard controls).

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the iPhone. I just don’t understand when people want to say xxx phone is better than yyy phone. I understand people like one better than the other… However, each of us are different, and we like different things. I have to admit loving that there is more than Yankee baseball, Patriot football, German World Cup action, etc…

    “Better” is so subjective. Better for you may be useless for someone else.

    Note that while websites work in safari, no apps are on the phone. If you have no service, you are…helpless (if not, let me know). With a smartphone, your apps are on the phone. The built in GPS allows me to get to a pizza place or browse directions from the maps I have downloaded to my unit.

    Those instances, while rare for YOU, may be the dealbreaker for many people who travel “far and wide” where GSM service has yet to go…

    What say you?

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