atmaspheric | interference #1

Today I recorded what I hope will start to become a regular podcast here. Long time readers might reflect back to 2004 which was the last time I did this, though I only lasted 5 shows. I’m planning a considerably longer tour this time around and hope you’ll join me.

atmaspheric | interference is the show name and you should be able to subscribe directly in your podcatcher of choice using this feed. If you like, you can download the iTunes (MP3) file here (right click, save as).

I’m looking forward to your feedback, suggestions and ideas. And yes I know I need a better mic setup…

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5 Replies to “atmaspheric | interference #1”

  1. Hi!

    I just heard your podcast and I was wondering if you know: It is an application for mobile phones that lets you upload videos and photos to places like Flickr, YouTube,… just curious, because at the end of the podcast you said something that nokias phones doesn’t allow to upload videos in a easy way.

  2. David – I’m definitely aware of Shozu and think it works great – for photos. There are unrealistic limits on the size of video uploads – 10MB which is a very short video on the N95. The 3 and 5MP phones create very large video files very quickly. I was referring to (and perhaps not clearly enough) to a way to do a direct web upload or even through the Nokia Web Upload (ATOM) feature which works currently only on Vox and Flickr.

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