iPhone Browser Sync

As good as it is to have all your bookmarks with you on the iPhone I wish Safari had some of the other features you have on the desktop.

I’d really like to have some form management so it was easier to save logins and I’d like to see my keychain sync – or parts of it anyway that were relative to the browser. I suppose if we get an OTA sync and share function with Leopard as has been rumored we may be able to save logins to servers and other systems if that’s a device capability. For now, stronger management of my personal data would be most excellent.

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2 Replies to “iPhone Browser Sync”

  1. I would have thought this was a given, specially with Safari on Windows, too, now. I’ve said it numerous times, but with the browsers that are shipping on phones these days, it’s a no-brainer that we might want to connect our browsing devices a bit more.

    The next offering from Opera will have this, I’m told. I’ll be dumping Firefox at that time.

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