Where’s the personalization Sprint?

NY Times Advertisement - what no personalization?!

Seeing ads like this one from Sprint on the NYT make me wonder why they would not simply pay the (presumed) slightly higher CPM to take advantage of registration data for readers. I don’t live in San Francisco and am not on the west coast. Seeing an ad for regional info out of my region does not engage me in a way to want to take part, but instead pushes me away from the ad.

In a case like this where I am forced to view the ad since it’s an interstitial, it really makes me wonder whether the team working on this is just asleep at the wheel. The headline seems smart enough “Forecasts are faster at SprintSpeed” but then this concept falls flat even more quickly by not pre-poulating the right geography.

Partly shady indeed…

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2 Replies to “Where’s the personalization Sprint?”

  1. Maybe some market research showed that thunderstorms and flooding doesn’t make good advertising — well, except for Hurricane Week, of course.

  2. yeah yeah – how about partly shady with a solar burst in your face! The image now that I look again is also a bit silly. Anyway … I think this ad sucks.

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