Vringo – Video Ringtones!

Asian woman with Vringo on Nokia Handset

Vringo has been working hard to shake up the ringtone market with video ringtones and a focus on sharing. Currently the service is free and supports Nokia, Sony Ericsson and the Motorola Q. I’ve been playing with the Nokia edition on the N95 and it’s pretty cool. While I don’t have any friends currently using the service to really get the full effect here’s how it works.

You choose a piece of video content as your Vringo (video ringtone) and share it with a friend. When you call your friend they see what you’ve shared and you see what they’ve shared back for you. You can personalize the experience for everyone of your friends. Vringo has enabled a feature in the latest software release which lets you set for a local Vringo (a feature most phones don’t offer natively) so you can get the effect without needing to connect with another user.

This week Vringo announced a deal with Meez which let’s you create a custom avatar to be shared in addition to their existing content partners. I also noticed that you can choose to import a piece of content and by simply providing a URL to what you have to share, you can upload GIF, JPG, MP4, AVI, 3GP and FLV files as well as a video right from YouTube! This is a really great addition to the Vringo system as it allows the content and experience to be truly personal. You have complete control of what and with whom you share.

For now the service is free. When things roll out of beta there may be a charge for certain content partners and pieces of content. If you buy something and share it though it will remain free for your friends to see so there’s nothing to worry about with unexpected charges. If you’ve got a supported phone, give it a shot!

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