Follow-up on Ooma

I called Ooma and discussed the issues I’d reported earlier and have since been issued a replacement Hub device. I’m amazed at the number of people interested in this topic (Home VOIP) and am thinking things have matured considerably since my last foray a few years ago.

With the new box in place I am noticing better call quality though to be honest it’s not as good as we have on the landline. There’s still a buzz in the background, which I do not detect when my phone line is not running through the box. Since my initial install I moved the Hub and main cordless base (we have a Panasonic 3 phone system which runs from a single base) upstairs with my router and the scout to our Kitchen so the HPNA network is really only relaying voicemail notices via the scout.

The Ooma team has called a number of times and we’ve spent a good amount of time troubleshooting to make sure the issues are resolved which I certainly appreciate, though I’m still unsettled on whether this will remain as our phone system…stay tuned!

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