Driving with the N95 – Bedford to Katonah, NY

It was such a nice day today I decided to shoot a small driving movie with the N95. The leaves are in full effect here, though we’ve still got a ways to go with the fall season.

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11 Replies to “Driving with the N95 – Bedford to Katonah, NY”

  1. Nice video.

    I got an idea while watching it: You should crop out the hood of the car, so that we only see the road.

    That would look really cool.

    if you have the new iLife´08 suite (you ARE a Mac user, aren’t you?) it’s pretty easy to do in the new iMovie program.


  2. @peter – I am of course on the Mac but have yet to update to iLife 08 since I usually edit in Final Cut Express… though a it happens I used iMovie for this one.

    I’ll have to plan another shoot, perhaps with a tripod even!

  3. I just Final Cut Pro myself for serious work, but the new iMovie works REALLY great together with the videos shot by the N95 – and it has a very easy to use cropping feature.

    It’s missing a lot of FX and transitions from the “old” imovie and is less like FCP, but for simple projects it very fast to work with and the latest update (7.0.1) adds a few important features (like being able to control the fade out time of audio).

    Anyway it was just a thought, I’m sure it would look pretty cool.

  4. Killer video, dude. I’m jealous of your scenery, though I’m going camping in a few weeks in East Texas, which looks similar.

    I’d be interested to see how you manage to drive with the tripod holding your N95. I find that I have to hold the phone really awkward to get it to work.

  5. I did a drive with the full video camera and used the tripod behind my seat… worked pretty well though it bumped around a bit. The phone is a bit easier, though it’s tricky on the harder turns!

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