Google gets it – Acquires Jaiku

Google hearts Jaiku

Yesterday, Jaiku announced that they are being acquired by Google! This is fantastic news – Congratulations to Jyri, Petteri and the hard working Jaiku team!!

I don’t think I’ve been shy about my usage of Jaiku on this blog (or elsewhere) and I was stoked to learn that Google sees the value inherent in what they have to offer. As our lives become increasingly more connected via mobile, Jaiku’s vision of presence with your contacts makes great sense! The integrated contacts application for S60 devices greatly enhances your communication potential since you know whether the person you might call or text is available and perhaps even where they are. Add in Lifestreaming and you get a very rich picture of what your friends are doing!

As soon as I heard the news I began to consider the other components in Google’s building mobile social net. They’ve got GrandCentral which can streamline your calling… but it has yet to integrate contacts with Gmail let along offer a sync option. Grandcentral can also not forward SMS messages but perhaps there’s a way to connect that with a (needs to be released) direct message capability in Jaiku. There’s a very exciting road ahead given the rumors of the mobile Google OS and Jaiku could easily play a very substantial role to connect you with your contacts and define your rich online presence.

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