Stay Tuned for Some Exciting Nokia News at the Web 2.0 Summit!

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Stefan notes some intrigue regarding next week’s Web 2 Summit in San Franciso and highlights Nokia’s Platinum Sponsorship of the event as well as the following …

“Nokia will also be hosting a stylish party in the adjacent Twin Peaks room, which will showcase their next generation of Web 2.0 offerings, launched earlier that afternoon.”[IntoMobile]

While I can’t say for sure at this stage, my money is on the new tablet and possibly some new integrated services from the Ovi Ecosystem. I’m guessing that since the FCC information spotted by Thoughtfix contained GPS and we believe WiMax as well as a slider keyboard that this will be the official preview of the device. It’s just prior to the FCC’s required confidentiality ends and seems like the perfect moment to announce things on their terms rather than let the FCC site reveal their plans.

GPS and Nokia Maps make a lot of sense on a new internet tablet – especially with the Navteq acquisition and the future services that have been discussed. As you may recall from the initial Press Release on Nokia Maps, Linux (the Tablet OS) was mentioned a possible future supported platform:

smart2go is new: the software turns mobile computers, smartphones and PDAs into local mapping and routing engines with a navigation option, providing worldwide mapping free of charge. In so doing, the unique hybrid solution combines the advantages of on-board and off-board navigation. Maps and location-aware content only need to be loaded once – they are then always available on the client. As smart2go will carry the application name “Nokia Maps” across many future Nokia devices, it will also be available for a diversity of other operating systems such as Windows Mobile 5 and Linux, in the future. [Nokia PR]

I’ll actually be at the Web 2 Summit as well as this party so you can count on some (as close to) live coverage of things as they go down. I’ll definitely be using Jaiku and will try to moblog snippets from the conference and party. It may be hard to reply in real time, but I will post as much as I can before settling into a more official post here. My N95 will be snapping pics and uploading to my photostream on Flickr. I am also sorting out ways to possibly stream some video as well if possible. It looks like I will have full 3G coverage – not sure about inside the venue though and I won’t know until there whether there will be accessible WiFi access. Stay Tuned!

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