AT&T + Napster delivering nothing I would pay for, years later

Not sure they are even bothering with this …

AT&T, which already lets Napster subscribers transfer music from their personal computer to their cell phone via a cable or a storage card, said it would sell Napster music directly on its phones for $7.49 for a bundle of five songs, or $1.99 for a la carte purchases, beginning in mid-November.[]

Silicon Alley Insider has the most consise version which they’ve very adeptly recycled from previous attempts at this mobile download BS:

…yet again, consumers are being asked to spend more to purchase something on their phone than they would if they bought it anywhere else. In this case [Napster] and AT&T are charging $7.49 for 5 songs: That’s a 50% markup over what it would cost to buy the songs via iTunes…

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