Gmail IMAP arrives … sucks the life from my system

I’m not sure what your experience has been but Gmail IMAP is one slow ass system. On my MacBookPro, I left it running overnight to try and sync everything, but even today I am finding my system feels as though it is underwater. I see beach-balls and find navigating even my inbox to be rather torturous.

Gmail IMAP sucking on my MacBookPro

Force Quit seems to be the only way out … Guess I’ll stick to web Gmail for now. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and the 2.0 version will show it soon … yeah right.

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11 Replies to “Gmail IMAP arrives … sucks the life from my system”

  1. I also had that problem at first. But after a couple of attempts I actually got it to sync all of the way and it is now working fine. Hope it works out for you.

  2. I had no problems, but did let it sync overnight. After coming back, though, I realized my HD space looked a lil meager — Gmail dl’ed 3.5 gigs of schtuff, even though I’m using less than 2 gigs on Gmail (online).

    That said … you may have some meaty attachments mail is getting help up on.

  3. I had no problem setting it up but I *only* have 11k of emails. But I hate that I have all that email on my desktop and I don’t want to only keep everything on the server.

    I guess the problem is now that I have what I want (IMAP Gmail), I have to to deal w/ the reality of syncing all that email. Ugh.

    But, maybe I’m missing something – has anyone been able to only get Inbox emails? That would be great, it’s the ‘All Mail’ directory that’s killing me.

  4. @Tony it should only have to sync one major time and then just update the differences as you go.

    I find I am only using Gmail IMAP on my Nokia Tablet – Gmail Web is still excellent and someting I use primarily on a few computers.

  5. I have lots of problems using Gmail IMAP with Windows Mail on Vista. It times out several times a day. It always eventually syncs up, but is hardly a stable solution.

  6. GMail IMAP is very slow for me as well. In fact, I got here by searching for “gmail imap sucks” on google.
    I’m using Linux and Thunderbird, but I don’t think it makes any difference. Downloading messages often takes forever (small ones too). And several times a day Thunderbird fails to log in to check the account.

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