Nokia, I’m Connecting People

Tonight I gave my Brother-In-Law my Nokia N93 and my Sister-In-Law a Nokia N95-1 which they selected from my collection. To say they were not living on the edge of mobile tech would be an understatement… They were sharing a Nokia 6600 after my Lindsey’s BB Pearl was “washed” by their daughter. I’m not clear what happened to Henry’s phone, but it’s dead and gone.

When I was asked whether I might have any old phones, I did not really have to think for very long …

A Brief Phone History

While I don’t still have all of those devices sitting and waiting, they chose from an array of Palm, and Nokia devices to select their “new” phones. A quick reset and sim swap and they were on the air – thank you open phones!

Neither is a sophisticated user, but a quick demo on S60 and Lindsey and Henry seem to be on their way. Both seem very excited about the image capture options, music features and the ability to connect and share on a TV with the accessory cables.

Having Wifi is also an interesting twist to have since neither have real data plans currently with their carrier TMO… though I showed them how to connect here in the house so they could browse and check email. I even used the Nokia settings configurator to send Henry’s email settings OTA To the N93 so he did not have to tap it in via T9. It will be interesting to track their progress moving forward with much more advanced phones than they have been used to using. I’m hoping they have as positive an experience as I’ve had since making the move into S60.

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5 Replies to “Nokia, I’m Connecting People”

  1. “It will be interesting to track their progress moving forward”

    I am guessing it’s only me who immediately thought of a silent Cell ID tracker uploading their position to your Evil HQ, Katonah, NY.

  2. Well there is a certain unnamed service I have been secretly testing that records calls and provides geospatial information on demand and over time…

  3. If they had a 6600 before, I guess they are not completely new to S60… but it and the hardware in particular have of course evolved quite a bit since then.

  4. If only a man were judged by the number of mobile devicees in his closet, eh? đŸ˜›

    Actually, while I’m fairly certain that St. Peter is flashing his iPhone around at the Pearly Gates, God’s got his trusty N95 tucked away in his robe pocket.

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