DataPortability – Keeping in perspective for now

I’ve been reading a fair bit as I am sure many of you have on the desire for dataportability, (it’s my info!) the social graph and of course the BS with Scoble and Facebook …

Today the news is that the DataPortability Org has signed on new members from Plaxo, Google and Facebook which is great, but should not be blown out of proportion like everything I’m reading seems to state. These are individuals, not corporations (regardless of where they work) and while they are likely to bring some ideas back to their respective companies, there’s absolutely no guarantee that we’ll be syncing data across any of these services in the near term … if ever. Just keeping it in perspective …

Quick update … I should actively read more sometimes…

According to Techcrunch, the new people are in fact official reps of their companies:

I spoke with the head of the DataPortability Group Chris Saad prior to this post (Chris is also the CEO of Faraday Media.) After about 24 hours of correspondence, the following are to join the working group as official representatives of their respective companies: Joseph Smarr (Plaxo), Brad Fitzpatrick (Google) and Benjamin Ling (Facebook).

Here’s hoping it does in fact mean something real and not just talk.

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