2008 Prediction – Lexicon Digital Communications will be a non-starter

Call me crazy here, but David Caruso does not seem to not have any idea what’s going on with online media (sorry but Cnet does not do embeds) and that appears to be the crux of what his company is all about. Aside from the ridiculous escalator bit in this video here’s what I’ve picked up:

  • solution based company
  • simplification to the internet itself
  • take this format and turn it into something competitive
  • competitive level of content
  • sleezy pickup

Here’s another take from G4TV:

But perhaps the best video they’ve made so far has to be the one on their site (I promise this video will be a waste of your time, but does include more escalator riding) which says the least of all, yet proves this is purely an ego play.

Admittedly I am interested in learning What happens when the King of Broadcast Worldwide meets the Chief Architect of Digital Media and Content Delivery? Not.

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6 Replies to “2008 Prediction – Lexicon Digital Communications will be a non-starter”

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  2. Thank yo for this great post. It is was I was thinking all along. Too much David Caruso TOO LITLE product presentation.
    And instead of finally revealing what the company is all about they added the CSI MIAMI link.

  3. YUP, agreed. Just because a celeb lends his name/face to a company doesn’t guarantee immediate success.
    And Caruso is the worst example – since the first company he had “Greta Films” was dissolved due to lack of funds

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