iPod touch is now a “mainstream Wi-Fi mobile platform”

Trojan Horse activated …

‘We believe one of the iPod [touch’s] future directions is to become the first mainstream Wi-Fi mobile platform, running all kinds of mobile applications,’ company executives said.

The iPod touch led a significant amount of Apple’s iPod shipment growth during the first quarter, particularly in Japan. Though US iPod sales came in relatively flat year-over-year, the Apple executives said they were happy to sacrificed sheer unit volume in the short term for a long-term objective.

While the executives didn’t explain what the iPod touch’s future directions would entail, the statement marks a reversal of Apple’s previous approach to the iPod line. While introducing the fifth-generation iPod a few years back, chief executive Steve Jobs said that the device remained ‘all about the music’ — a statement now challenged by equal attention to web browsing and other wireless data features. [Appleinsider]

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