Nokia – Why must DUN crash my N95?

Why must Dial up Networking (DUN) crash my N95-3? It happens so regularly I often think twice about using DUN when on the train for my daily commute. When I used an N73 or E61 with my Nokia 770 internet tablet and subsequently the N800, I never had any issues and in fact left things connected all the time. Since getting the US capable 3G N95, I’ve found it’s only a matter of time til I crash after initiating a connection. I had the same issues with the N810 when it was here as I’ve had with the N800 so I’m convinced it’s the phone rather than the tablet causing the issue.

If I had to guess on what’s causing crashes I’d have to point to when my connection shifts between EDGE and 3G/3.5G but I can’t be sure. Today as an example of not crashing my phone and N800 have been connected for much of the day in a non-moving location all the while connected by 3G. On the train however things seem to flicker between speeds as well as towers and I find my phone locked up. I usually have a bunch of things running on the phone, but have also just had a DUN connection working when the freezes have occurred… I’ve become remarkably quick at popping the back cover off and flipping the battery out, but that was not really a skill I was looking to hone.

The N73 + N800 combo was truly bullet proof. I never had any connection issues and rode the same train line (before 3G rolled out). I had the N800 set to switch over to DUN from Wifi because I knew it would just work. Now, as much as I hate writing this, I am much less sure and even reluctant to automatically connect to the N95. Instead I find I use my N95 more solo than in conjunction with the tablet … and that’s actually not my ideal way to go mobile.

Anyone else finding these issues? I’ve yet to see anything from Nokia in any formal communication regarding a bug. I’d be more than happy to test things and if you would prefer to contact me direct, Nokia, please do. I know you read this. My email is atmasphere atmasphere net.

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5 Replies to “Nokia – Why must DUN crash my N95?”

  1. I used E61, then E70 for DUN for my N800/Powerbook, that worked fine. Now with the E90 used for DUN (with N810, Powerbook) it is quite unusable when used with a bluetooth connection/Powerbook (on Leopard 10.5) – the E90 just drops the connection, no lock up so far, but sudden reboots. However, no issues so far with the N810, an no issues when the E90 is connected to the powerbook with a USB cable, then the DUN connection is solid as the E90 is. Regarding connection shift EDGE/3G/HSPA this interrupts the internet connection for a instance, but DUN remains stable (on my daily train ride the connection shifts between EDGE/HSPA many times, as well as there are up to 6 different provider/networks (swiss, german, austrian) available…one has to take care that no roaming charges apply 🙁

  2. hi there, i use the n810 tethered to a n95 8gb in singapore. and yes, i DO encounter the same problem which vexes me to no end, especially when the problem persists even when i am stationary!

    would really love to hear if there is a solution, but i’m kinda bummed and resigned to having to constantly reconnect manually!

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