WSJ Enables Mobile Access, but Google takes it down a notch

I honestly don’t know when this activated, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the following while scanning my mail on the train today…

WSJ links now mobile friendly

You might recognize the mail app as Gmail which uses the Google proxy to mobilize links so this is not that huge a deal except that the google proxy is pretty gnarly compared to what I saw with the view HTML link from Gmail. Google in my humble opinion does an average job, not great compared to mippin or mowser or whatever the WSJ is actually using.

As you can see here, the Google view is on the left and the way the WSJ wants to show it is on the right:

Google Mobile view of the WSJ WSJ Mobile

You can see the WSJ is trying to serve an enhanced mobile page even with an ad, while google suppressing things, which can’t make them too happy. I’d really like to choose which mobile proxy gets used for these activities and ideally would even have the option to turn it off as I go as a browser preference. Google is trying to simplify the experience from a mobile app to the web, which is admirable, but in many cases they render the page in far to rudimentary a manner.

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  1. For whatever it’s worth, the mobile version of Google Reader (on my iPhone, anyhow) allows me the option to not go through the GWT service when I click a link.

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