Super Bowl Commericals

While the game was surprisingly solid this year, I found the commercials to be pretty poor. Usually there are more than a couple that stand out, but it’s as if the writer’s strike impacted the ad business as well.

If you’d like to see them, Ad Age is hosting them all for your review… feel free to debate me on this, but it seems like the smart move would have been saving the money on most of these spots.

I laughed at Will Ferrell, but that’s almost cheating for Bud. Victoria’s Secret spot was well played (pun intended) though I think the NFL had the best spot. I guess I was lucky to miss GoDaddy this year as I think it ran while I was getting my daughter to bed.

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One Reply to “Super Bowl Commericals”

  1. You are right. From a European perspective there no real ‘Wow!’s either.

    Toshiba HD-DVD is too little too late (Blue-Ray just sounds so much cooler).

    The Bud ads were pretty amusing in the main (liked the cheese and wine party).

    Audi = odd. Are they not big over there before now? In Europe we had a lovely ad with a track by Simone White (The Beep Beep Song). Much nicer + cooler, I am sure it’s on YouTube somewhere.

    At least the Giants won so my pal in NYC was happy.

    Now it’s done, roll on Spring….

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